Something catchy to get your attention!

In the past I didn’t think any form of social media was all that interesting or useful. I tried Twitter and I struggled to maintain and keep up with Facebook and before that I had a lazy attempt at using MySpace. I just couldn’t get on with it and besides my interests always lay elsewhere and hardly ever involved a computer.Now, I am a blogger although not a regular one or as articulate as I would like but I think I can get my points across adequately enough.A little bit of information about me then I suppose, well I’m 35 and a collector of Transformers including third party. Do I look like a typical geek? Well, maybe, although my other interests mean I keep very fit and I don’t live in my mums basement nor do I get excited by cosplay and the minutia of all things transformer related. Not to say any of that is a bad thing, each to their own, I just like the toys themselves and in some respect the act of collecting itself.

I come from the generation where I was too young to fully enjoy early G1 but was able to reignite my love with them in the late 80’s to early 90’s when a lot of G1 got a reissue and recolour. But unfortunately circumstances and youth prevented me from having a meaningful collection and so I lost all interest.

Then when I was about 19 I discovered that the original RID line was being released and all hell broke loose. I had a job by then and I was living at home and so I got back into collecting with the ferocity of a man on crack looking for his next fix. It was at a time when I had AOL dial up and eBay was still new and reasonably priced. At the same time I discovered the wonders of the Japanese lines such as Binaltech, Masterpiece, all of the reissues that were coming out and my first encounter with WST. Armada and Cybertron were next; I ignored Energon as I just couldn’t get on with it. I pretty much completed those lines and then life once again took over, a break up and reduced funds meant that the collection took a back seat.

Fast forward to 2013 and I realised I was so far behind that I may as well sell off my collection so with that all the Japanese and reissue sets went to new owners. I think a lot of collectors go through this at one time or another; they try to sever the connection but then immediately regret it. For me, that was it I still had my RID, Armada and Cybertron toys as they wouldn’t sell for a lot and I was happy with that situation.

Then in 2015 I decided I would get back into it again seeing as I had more disposable income and I needed something else for a hobby. Well I got the collecting bug once again and I immediately started to collect all the figures I had sold off. Looking back, I suppose it was obvious that I had regretted selling them. For some reason I avoided Binaltech and some of the reissues but Masterpiece and the Encore line were my main focues. It was at this time that I discovered TFW2005 a world of full of like-minded people with a huge wealth of knowledge. They introduced me to third party and that was when my collecting habits became rather obsessive.

There are some amazing contributors; some of the photographs they have taken are astonishing good coupled with some brilliantly well written review articles, encouraged me to get into the same game.

I started out on Medium, set up my Twitter, just for Transformers related news, set up an Instagram and a Flickr account. I never thought that could be me but I love taking photographs of my toys, I love being able to provide information for people to use to make a decision on what to buy next. I do this for the love of it and I tend to really enjoy most of my figures because I do a lot of research on what they are and how they transform, what the plastic quality is like after all these things are not cheap and I don’t want to throw my money away.

Feel free to check out my other reviews on Medium, same handle.

My collection now numbers over a 1000 with no hint of halting any time soon. Hopefully, you will enjoy my reviews.

If you have any requests then please let me know as I am more than happy to do them

Good luck in your collecting endeavours.

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