Top Ten Transformers of 2016

This is my list of transformers I have bought in 2016 that I consider to be the best.

10. Night Assassin

This was a late contender for me because it wasn’t even on my radar until recently. I’m a big fan of Iron Factory stuff and their legend scale. This is just a retool of Pink Assassin which I also picked up this year. The pink lady would have been on this list if it were not for Night Assassin coming along. This was an exclusive release and in itself not too expensive, although I had to pick it up from a US Vendor and we all know that usually attracts a customs bummage and so this ended up being more expensive than it had any right to be. But as collectors sometimes we have to accept that we can’t always win. Night Assassin is based on that G1 man made robot, Night Bird and I have to say that this figure really pays homage to it, coupled with lots of accessories. Shame they didn’t include some nunchucks, can’t have everything.

Iron Factory Night Assassin

9. Masterpiece Inferno

There has been a lot of discussion on the direction Takara took with this geezer but overall I think he is a popular release. Frankly, I am not enamoured by him, I don’t dislike him but I have included him on this list for the following reasons. The transformation and especially the hiding of the ladder in bot mode was inspired. Now, I have the MMC and the Maketoys versions and Inferno is by far the easiest to transform. The bot mode is too plain for me to give it a higher slot and it would likely not have featured at all if it were not for the transformation tipping it over the threshold because the main reason I enjoy this figure is that the alt mode looks so good from a lay mans perspective at least. Let’s not talk about the rear though!

Takara Masterpiece Inferno

8. DX9 Mightron

I have seen a few lists where Despotron features but he never ever appealed to me at all. I got this fella instead and I rate him very highly, the articulation is good enough for my needs and he looks the part. The aspect that really appeals to me is that there is a sort of faux mass shifting going on with the limbs that I love. Collapsible parts were totally unexpected and still are an unusual transformation method, which meant that I felt I got something extra from it. When the official Megs gets a release Mightron is going nowhere at all.


DX9 Mightron


7. Fanstoys Soar X

I got into the Dibots when Stomp was due out which is an amazing figure in its own right. I think as a UK resident I am going to hark back to the G1 days when Swoop was merely a photograph or a character in a comic or on our screens and was never an actual tangible thing. I had some of the Dinobots back in the day but I was always enamoured with the idea of a Swoop, I thought my hunger could be sated with the Shuraking version……shall we leave it there!

So when Soar was bought and after the head issue was fixed I was very, very pleased with the result. There is a lot of detail and a lot of die cast and as we all know, just like go faster stripes make things go faster, die cast means the bot is better…doesn’t it?

Fanstoys Soar X

6. MMC Roadcrane

Yes, it is just a repaint of Girder and yes, it does still have the tabbing issues that mould suffers from but then again my Inferno has the forearm issue (thanks to Optimushedprune for finding a solution for it) so I can’t really hold it against Roadcrane. This was a Chicago exclusive release and was merely something for me to get because I liked the colouring. Haha, not really!

No, I bought it because I absolutely lusted after an Inferno and a Grapple and for some unknown reason, Hoist and Trailbreaker as well. This probably explains why I have been buying all of the variations that have been coming out. Something about these figures appeals to me so much so that I may even get X-Transbots versions. Haha, only kidding. Based on Roadhauler, a shoehorned ret conned G1 character that used to hang around with the Constructicons before they became baddies has had one toy release by E-Hobby and nothing since then so who am I not to own a green crane. Plus he matches perfectly with Gravity Builder and that is awesome.

MMC Occular Max Roadcrane

5. MMC Terraegis

Badcube or MMC? Well, MMC came out first for me so here he is. Oh, did I mention how much I like that G1 Trailbreaker? There are some issues with tabbing in but nothing that seriously detracts from my overall enjoyment of the toy. I will be honest and say that my favourite mode is actually the car, the bot mode is excellent but I think the car has the right level of detail and I like the slightly different shade of the pickup cover. Hence just a picture of the car!

MMC Occular Max Terraegis

4. Commemorative Powermaster Optimus Prime

I had been after this figure for years, ever since I sold my copy and regretted it instantly. I finally found one at a reasonable price and with an unused sticker sheet and almost mint box. Who needs a TR version when I can have a reissue of the G1 version complete with trailer and another trailer, shiny chrome, Powermaster gimmick and lots of guns? The simplistic nature of the transformation reminds me of my childhood days when I would repeatedly slot Ultra Magnus into his trailer.

Hasbro Commemorative Powermaster Optimus Prime

3. Unique Toys DX9 Palm Series Tom & Jerry

These half pint sized releases are the first in what I hope to be a full set of ‘master figures, have simple designs, solid construction and decent articulation. Although not in Iron Factory’s league, UT have set their stall out and as they are the sister company of DX9 who give us their War in Pocket line we know what we are going to get. These are so much more fun than I expected and I have already ordered the next two releases.

Unique Toys Palm Series Tom & Jerry

2. Master Made Apollo

This super deformed line is probably an acquired taste and certainly doesn’t appeal to everyone but ever since I took a punt at their City Bot and then Diabolus Rex I was absolutely hooked. When they showcased Apollo I banged in a preorder immediately. This figure is solid, with gymnastic articulation, levels of detail that would give a Dickens novel a run for its money. I fully anticipate their Scorponok release will be difficult to beat.

Master Made Apollo

1. Iron Factory Lord Scorpion

Is this a surprise? Really! Nah, IF are my absolute favourite company by far. It just so happens that Lord Scorpion is the absolute best they have released since City Commander which was an awesome bot but not so great in alt mode. This however, is strong in all modes with no real issues and so he had to be the number one. This figure has vibrant colours, copious amounts of detailing, is a triple changer and a headmaster to boot. It is Pandinus level of quality in miniature! Big statement I know but this is of course just my opinion. He is a decent size, chunky limbs, very solid, articulation is excellent and these arachnid’s legs actually hold him up in scorpion mode. I don’t think this is given enough credit, IF actually bothered to make sure that the legs could hold its own weight. Brilliant attention to detail in my book and they have nailed this to the wall.

Iron Factory Lord Scorpion
Iron Factory Lord Scorpion

5 thoughts on “Top Ten Transformers of 2016

  1. egodfrey72 January 13, 2017 / 11:17 am

    All you need to do is stick a Decepticon logo onto that third party Megatron and you have an unofficial Masterpiece Megatron!


    • dobbietfreviews January 13, 2017 / 11:19 am

      You are right, although the official one looks pretty sweet so I may have to pick that one up at some point.


      • egodfrey72 January 13, 2017 / 11:22 am

        Yeah, thinking of getting Masterpiece Bumble soon, the G-2 version; saw it on Amazon for under £50!!


      • dobbietfreviews January 13, 2017 / 11:25 am

        That is an excellent mould, one of my favourites.


      • egodfrey72 January 13, 2017 / 12:20 pm

        Cool! So I guess it’s worth it then!


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