Badcube OTS-09 Grump & OTS-10 Slick


Badcube’s Grump & Slick are the newest releases in their mini bot line. You may recall that the last mini bot we had was the fairly big Warpath and prior to that we had Brawny and Backland. Of course we mustn’t forget Cubex’s Huff, which was Badcube before they became Badcube.

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Mastermind Creations- PS-06 Terraegis

When I was a child in the 80’s I was totally unaware of the Marvel comics and my only exposure to the cartoon was in between ad breaks and Timmy Mallet acting like a pratt. I had a handful of toys and of those toys, Triggerhappy and Ultra Magnus were my absolute favourites. I never even got to watch the animated feature film until I was much, much older. Besides, I was too busy running freely through the wilds of Kent with just a big grey bear and a panther to keep me company, oh those were the days!

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